Cigar 101    


Everybody has to start someplace.  Cigar smoking is not a difficult task or something that requires a great deal of skill.   But, some little bit of general knowledge and experience of the many facets of Cigar smoking will go a long way in improving your own experience, and put you in a much better place to exhibit your taste, class, and sophistication.  Search and explore the many essays, videos, links and musings contained here for general knowledge and entertainment of cigar smoking, techniques, and accoutrements.  Delve deeper and find the answer to the question that has been bugging your for the last few days, or the solution  to an on-going discussion with other smokers.

Corrections, additions, and new topics are a welcome expansion of this knowledge base.  If you have comment, disagreement, or further words of wisdom, feel very free to utilize the "Contacts" page to email Ken and get your word out, for the betterment of all.


Help, hints, tips, and general knowledge to help you better enjoy Cigar Smoking...

Did you know?

Sections of the tobacco plant from top to bottom are commonly classified as: corona, ligero, viso, seco, and volado.