So why so much fuss?

Because they are so good.  And, in the US, they are the “Forbidden Fruit” of our passion.  We want what we can’t have.  Always the case.  So what about the latest news of relaxing the embargo of Cuban cigars to the American market.  We are a long way off from seeing Cuban cigars on our cigar merchant’s shelves.  There are way too many other stories and considerations about lifting that blockade than the wants and desires of cigar smokers. 

Is it an eventuality?  Sure…  One day it will happen. 

Will that create a big jump in the cigar industry or business in the US when it happens?  Sure…  Of course all Cigar Smokers will rush out to get some Cubans to lay down in their humidors.

Will it change the way we smoke in the US?  I think only mildly.  At one time, in an earlier cigar boom era, we mainly smoked cigars made by companies who had fled Cuba and established farms and factories in other choice cigar tobacco growing regions, namely the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras.  They made an excellent product, some of which was sprouted from seeds spirited from Cuba as they left.  Those cigars were so good that they could almost rank with Cuban cigars on any scale.  Those were earlier days, and those were what we had to smoke.

Today, there is a whole new explosion of cigar creation happening outside of Cuba, and within and without those established Central American companies.  The new guys, and the old, are experimenting and developing cigars with blends that encompass tobaccos from all over the world and from all sorts of growing environments.  Almost monthly new names or blends are hitting the market.  It is, in my opinion, from these cigar geniuses that the cigar smoker of today, and not only in the US, can pick and choose as to what is the "best cigar in the world".

Cigars made in Cuba, by Cuban cigar companies, are some of the best cigars in the world.  Why?  Because Cuba contains some valleys that are so perfectly situated in soil, climate, and temperament to produce some of the best cigar tobacco in the world.  And, the cigar industry in Cuba is so old and rich in experience and culture (yes it survives even the Castros) that cigars produced on those farms and in those factories have to be some of the best in the world.  No question.

Except in the United States (we all know the story), Cuban cigars are the standard of the cigar world.  For all of the above reasons, and for the fact that they are, and have been available, in so many places for so many years.  And, they are some of the most expensive cigars in the world.  No matter, from a Tabac in Paris, a small shop in Caracas, a hotel lobby shop in Lagos, or a Duty Free shop in the airport in Hong Kong, they are expensive.  And, if they aren’t, then they probably aren’t Cuban.

As a general hint if you go to the islands and want to buy Cuban cigars;  NO Cuban cigars are packaged in wooden boxed 5 packs with glass fronts.  You will see them, they will have Habanos labels and bands on them, they will be cheap.  Don't go there....

Are Cuban cigars the best in the world?
That heavily asked and discussed question is one of the topics that makes talking about cigars so much entertainment.  ARE they the best cigar to smoke?  It is, of course, up to your own personal tastes and preferences. 

Get completely away from the trite and childish tendency of some smokers to show off what they are smoking and to drop the “Cuban” expression almost every time they light up. 

Forget, also, the question of “Real or Fake”.  If you have to ask that question, then you obviously either got them as a gift from somebody who doesn’t have a clue, or you bought them yourself, and KNOW that they can’t be real since you bought them from a kid on the street in Jamaica for $50 a box.

The best source of information on the whole area of Cuban Cigars is located on another web site called Cuban Cigar Website.  I can do no better than to link you to that site.  Click the button below, then use the menu down the left side of their home page to go to any of several informative pages about Cuban cigars, where the tobacco is grown, how and who makes them, etc.:

Cuban vs. All Others