VARIETY:   "... a number of different types of things, especially ones in the same general category:  ie. a large variety of fruits..."   (or Cigars).

What's so great about variety?  Challenge, something new or different, something better, the possibility of adventure, the pleasure of choice,  the opportunity for abundance...

If you are a cigar smoker, and not really wealthy, then variety is best expressed in "cigar bundles".  And Black Dog Cigar is, and has been for years, all about Smoking Variety...

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There are four different Types of Cigar Smoker:
1.  Straight Smoker;  likes only 1 or 2 or 3 brands and sizes of cigars.  Only buys boxes of cigars, from those same choices.  Either has a favorite B&M or a target internet site that provides all of his smokes.  Probably buys red wine by the case.

2.  Newbie;  that’s not a derogatory term, its just a fact of life that everybody has to start everything sometime.  Being new is confusing and troublesome, and that shouldn’t interfere with a burgeoning passion. 

3.  Cigar Smoker;  over-all term to describe the cigar maniac who talks about cigars, goes to cigar events, shares cigars with his friends, occasionally collects rare cigars, has an opinion about the Cuban cigar situation, and thinks about cigars mostly all the time. 

Guy like Me.

4.  A Guy or Gal that “smokes a cigar”;  this smoker likes to enjoy occasional cigars mainly during sporting events or after special occassions or meals.  He doesn’t keep up with the current trends, nor read blogs or CA articles.  He generally cares enough to smoke well and keep his humidor in acceptable condition, but doesn’t want to put too much work into it.  He is comfortable to depend on advice from his tobacconist, or from mail order/internet guys.

Numbers 1 and 3 are hard targets for Black Dog:  Number 1 has his cigar, why would he want variety and motivation outside of his envelope?  Number 3 is all about variety and motivation, but garners almost as much pleasure from the search as from the smoke.  Black Dog would make it much too easy for him.  Or,     maybe not. 

Numbers 2 and 4, though, will appreciate the premium singles, bundles, 5-ers, and the variety at Black Dog Cigar.


The Black Dog humidor is small, therefore it contains only a selection of the best cigars in the market.  The selection is more about different cigars than different sizes or vitola.  There are over 130 brands of cigars available.  Black Dog Cigar is proud to present its own line of quality cigars, manufactured for Black Dog in Costa Rica, utilizing Central American and Caribbean cigar tobaccos to create a very flavor rich smoking experience.  They come in 7 vitola, including a lancero.  Black Dog Cigars are joined by an up-scale line named Alta Kvalita, which rival the top cigars in the cigar business world.  Black Dog Cigars and Black Dog Alta Kvalita are highest quality cigars, yet are easy on the smoking budget.  Black Dog also offers bundles and 5-paks created around specific criteria that make them more interesting for comparison and enjoyment. 

​Remember, mail order cigars are easy and available.  If we carry it, or have it in stock, they can ship the day of your order, if you want something we don't have, or generally carry, we can get it for you and have it on the way in just a few days.

Details of Black Dog cigars, and Bundles from Black Dog Cigar are available on the Cigars page of this site.  Browse there for the fuller story and examples of what is available at Black Dog Cigar.

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Cigar 101

There is a difference between a guy, or gal, that smokes a cigar, and a Cigar Smoker. 

Understand that to appreciate this site...

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The Black Dog Cigar Story

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Participate in the continuing battle against the "Pleasure Police" at every opportunity.  Their only goal is to tell other people what is better for them and how to live their lives.


In the mid-90’s, at the height of the cigar boom of the 90’s, my brother, nephew, and I started a small internet based company to sell bundles of cigars. We called this company “Bayou Smoke Cigars”. Our idea was to sell a variety of cigars in a single bundle, to

smokers just beginning their cigar experience. This packaged

variety instead of them buying whole boxes of cigars just to

try them out. Unfortunately, and because of several reasons,

Bayou Smoke Cigars didn’t last much longer than the boom.

While I continued working overseas, customers of Bayou Smoke kept after me to make up and sell bundles. They really liked the variety and categorization that I put into bundle construction, and the price for which I was able to offer them. When I returned to the US, then retired in 2008, I started Black Dog Cigar Co-op to more properly fulfill the requests of these friends, and of new members/customers along the way.

The next step, to expand and officialize Black Dog Cigar, was in response to better serve my friends and customers assimilated over the years, to increase the number of bundles of cigars available each year, to capitalize on the new and fantastic growth of boutique and expansion of classic cigar lines, and to satisfy a lot of personal time and energy now available after retirement. Black Dog Cigar comes from a love of being a Cigar Smoker.  Bayou Smoke Cigars, and now Black Dog Cigars, will continue to support cigar smokers in all forms and manner of life.

​Opening Black Dog Cigar as a smoking lounge and ​Brick-n-Mortar store is the continuation.  In conjunction with E&E Sports Bar LLC, Black Dog now offers a walk in humidor, smoking lounge and environment, both inside and on a great covered patio, and a full range of beverages to accompany your cigar.  Greater variety and inventory of your favorite smokes, more and larger cigar events, and a full range of services.  Improving Black Dog for you....