So, you went down to your favorite Cigar Shop and got excited by all the new prospects.  Or,  you went onto a cigar auction site and lost your flippin’ mind.  We’ve all done that.  Shopping and buying cigars is one of the great pleasures of being a Cigar Smoker.  But…  You get home and you find yourself about 10 or 15 cigars (or 40 or 50) short of proper, humidity controlled, storage in your beautiful purpose built humidor box.  What to do? 

As noted in the section titled “Humidors: Size Matters” I discuss getting enough humidor for your EXPECTED needs.  That is the first answer, but we move beyond that and on to the need for extra temporary humidor storage. 

Actually, temporary, efficient extra storage is not that difficult to achieve.  With some common sense, expert advice, and ingenuity, you can provide yourself with temporary storage quite easily.  But, there are some pit-falls that you should avoid as well, remembering that over humidification is as bad as under humidification.


As discussed before, wood is always the best material for humidor construction because of its ability to breathe a bit, and to normalize swings in RH and temperature.  So, easily enough, a cigar box will do just nicely for a short time storage container.  Some manufacturers store and ship their cigars in boxes that will make the mouths of many home woodworkers water with envy.  They are probably made of heavy wood with excellent joints and sealing properties.  Keep one if you buy a box of cigars encased in such a box.  Or ask your cigar proprietor for one (he might even give you one for nothing if you just gave him a lot of love buying stogies from him).  Add some Boveda (or whatever) packs in there, or a small static oasis of florists foam, and there you go.  Try not to go into that box except to get a smoke of the moment, and smoke what you have stored in there first.      Problem solved…

 A couple of the large internet dealers sell Nicaraguan cigars by the huge bundle packed in a Spanish cedar lined ammo box.  I have about 12 of them (but not for storing cigars, really).  These, with the addition of some humidification, make excellent temporary humidors.

Many espouse the idea of using ice coolers (Chill-a-dors) or plastic containers of other sizes (Tupper-dores) as temporary containers.  Add some humidification and you are good to go.  But…  I would suggest that you only use these as very short term answers to your overstock problems.  Plastic containers do not breathe or allow for the fluctuation of RH and temperature that wooden boxes do.  Over humidification is a danger with this type of box, so extra care should be taken to prevent it.  RH controlled humi-paks (Boveda) will help to prevent this as they control humidity both below and above  their stated range. 

So… Free yourself to go out and spend a lot on the love of your life (smoking life that is) and not worry about proper storage.  Get a big enough humidor first, but extending beyond that, get creative while being careful. 

Not Enough Space