Many folks have queried about traveling by air with your cigars.  Considering that this question does NOT involve US Customs or Cuban cigars, then fly with your cigars at ease with the high impact plastic boxes above.  If you have packing room, carry them on with you, but don't be afraid to pack them in your luggage if you are going away for some time or want bring a handful of smokes for foreign friends.  The temperature swing in the luggage compartment will not be enough to affect them.  However, if you are using one of the humidors pictured above, then the seal of the box will give you some problems after landing.  The very low atmospheric pressure at 30,000' will equalize in your box.  When you get back to sea-level, then the exterior air pressure will prevent you from opening the plastic humidor.  Really...  You won't be able to open it, and if your box is good, forever!!  Therefore you need some type of pressure equalization mechanism in the box so that when your feet, and your stogies, are safely back on the ground, you can get them out of the box for enjoyment.

If you look at the 30+ count box, The Tourer, above you will see a knob on the front of the box between the latch and the handle.  Open this to equalize the pressure.  Not a problem at all.

If you look at the photo of the bottom of The Weekender, to the right, you will see that there has been a very tiny hole drilled into the box itself.  Small enough to never affect the RH in the box, but plenty to equalize the internal pressure when you are back on Earth.

When Flying with Your Cigars

"The Tourer - 30+ Cigars"

"The Weekender - 8-10 Cigars"

"The Long Night Out - 3-4 Cigars"

"The Night Out - 2 Cigars"

As I mentioned above, fashion is not in the equation for travel humidors.  Most of the fancy, shiny, travel boxes are just OK, and will work fine under good conditions of packing and moving around. 

But, there is only one really RIGHT way to choose a travel humidor.  That is the military looking, tactical fashioned, high impact plastic models available from several humidor manufacturers, and from gun case shops, and high tech transport outlets.  You know what I'm talking about, and its, in my humble opinion, THE ONLY WAY TO GO!  They don't actually have to be humidors, and can be manipulated to serve in many ways, but the ones that are designed as cigar humidors have advantages that might not be readily apparent.

Below are photos of several of these, and of the fancy ones.  The cigar humidor boxes almost all contain foam padding and separators to keep your cigars cushioned during travel, some have built in humidifiers and hydrometers, and all come in a large variety of sizes to hold any number of smokes for the trip.

When I talk about travel with cigars, I don't mean the leather cigar cases that you will bring out with 2 or 4 stogies for an evening of smoking pleasure.  No, I'm talking about driving for hours, or getting on a jet plane, or a big ass boat and going someplace far away.  You can not rely on being able to locate, procure, and enjoy a good smoke when you are out of your normal element.  Thus, you should bring them with you.  And, when you bring them with you, they have to be taken care of just as carefully, or more, then when they are safe and sound at home. You have to have a travel humidor.  One designed and crafted such that it protects and presents the proper environment to your smokes, but also is handy, efficient to pack, and stout enough for the task at hand.  As can be expected, there are many available, in all styles, materials, and costs.  Just like the one at home, a careful selection of the proper travel humidor will pay off in the years to come. 

As a general rule, looks and fashion take a far second place to functionality and security when it comes to a humidor to bring with me and protect my cigars around the world.                        Read on below...

So, you're off on vacation, or on a business trip, and you don't have any idea where, or when, you can get a smoke to help you through the day.  If your headed out of the US, then Cubans will be on your mind.  But, really, the best thing to do is to remember the words of a once great western:

"Have Cigars, Will Travel."

Have Cigars, Will Travel...