Humidor Inventory -

I'm telling you to get a BIG ONE!

But, we're talking about humidors here.  The box that you will keep ALL of your precious stogies in. 

If you are a new cigar smoker, then you might think that 50 or 75 cigars in a humidor is adequate storage.  And, it just might be for your smoking pattern.  However, as a word of advice, get the next size UP from the size you think will “always be big enough”.  Almost everyone that I know, that smoke cigars, has at least two, maybe 4 or 5 humidors, or has a cabinet style that will hold about 250-300 cigars.  Its just natural to build up a collection after a while.  So many new smokers have the same complaint/question, "I just bought 2 boxes of my favorites and a large bundle with a lot to try out, and now my humidor won't hold them all."  Larger boxes don't cost that much more than smaller boxes, so my advice is Larger is Better, from the get-go!.

Of course, there is always the option of utilizing, or constructing, a much larger container as your humidor.  Wine refrigerators, gun cabinets, curio hutches, "antique" cabinets of all shapes and sizes can all be easily converted to large humidors that will be very capable of maintaining the proper environment for the cigars, and allow for easy access and visibility to you and other smokers.  Humidors of this type are often available from regular cigar shops or sites, but more generally from craftsmen who often will take special, individually specified orders for humidors.  Those can be really special.  The most special type are those made or crafted by the home craftsman/cigar smoker for himself, or his good friends.  No real need to state the obvious advantages or compliments about those...

And, don't let any of your women-folk or girlfriends tell you different...

Size Matters