A couple of  excellent sites with more detail on humidors and  humidor construction and materials:

For further information, photos, descriptions, and prices check out the following web sites and internet dealers.  You can see that fine, very efficient humidors are readily available, and the shops have knowledgeable staff to support your selection and purchase.

BOXES WITH DRAWERS OR GLASS WINDOWS.  The object of a fine box in which to store your fine cigars is one that will maintain the correct environment inside. Solid wood sides are the best. Caution should be observed when purchasing or constructing a humidor with glass front, top, or sides or with pull out drawers because of the edges around those parts that can make it hard to preserve an adequate seal to maintain that environment. If you have a box with glass or drawers, and it seals well and maintains 70% Rh, then OK.  But, if you are having trouble reaching, or keeping, 70% in that box, you might investigate the glass or drawer seals as a culprit.  You may have noticed that I mentioned 70% relative humidity a number of times above. That is because it is so critical for the care and life of your cigars.

Properly maintained, you humidor will safely and correctly store your cigars for many years, and each smoke will be able to demonstrate the care of construction and art of blending that is a fine cigar. The other plus of a fine humidor is the pride and comfort of storing and presenting your premium cigar investment in a beautiful and efficient container.

The only conditions are that the container used to store your cigars is big enough and arranged such that you can access them without too much disturbance of all of the smokes in the box, that the 70%-70° ambient environment can be maintained, and that you yourself are satisfied with the arrangement.  Once you have decided on the type of container, and there are plenty of internet sites to offer a vast array of ready built humidors, you have to decide on the size of the storage capacity, what type of humidification device will be used to maintain that 70% Rh, and it has to be properly prepared before you can put your cigars into it.

Humidors:  What, Why, How?

There is one topic that seems to garner more questions, and raise more issues, than any other (besides what to smoke and where to get it). And that is the proper storage of cigars once you have them in hand. This of course opens the whole topic of humidors, relative humidity, and the maintenance of the proper environment within your storage apparatus.  Here, on this page and on the ones following, is guidance that will help you through all of those cigar mysteries.

WHAT AND WHY? As a rule, you must have some kind of container in which to store your cigars, and to maintain them at a proper relative humidity (RH) of 70% and an ambient temperature of 70°F. (70-70; it’s a guide as well as a rule, flexible only by a percent or two, yet easily maintained, as you will see) This generally is a wooden box called a humidor. But it can be a cabinet, a modified closet, or some other piece of furniture or container suitable for holding and displaying your cigars. No matter the container, the preservation of a proper environment within the container, and around your cigars, is of paramount importance for the long life and improvement of your smoking investment.

TRADITIONAL WOOD.  Humidors made of wood are, by far, the most common storage container for cigars. New, fresh cigars are packed in wooden boxes or crates for storage and shipment at or from the cigar manufacturer.  Wood used for humidors offers several attractive features. Wood is somewhat permeable, or affable to moisture and atmospheric conditions, it is sturdy and can be crafted into boxes of great beauty and usability, and even some woods are distasteful to insects that are attracted to tobacco. Most (actually virtually all) containers made, and offered for sale expressly for the storage of cigars, are made of wood of some sort. And, for the home hobbyist, wood is the substance of choice for crafting a fine cabinet in which to store his prized stogies.