There are way too many excellent videos available on the internet and at YouTube that go further into lighting your cigar for me put a lot into the subject here.  Click on any of the links below to have a look-n-learn about lightation.

I can, and will, give you my own thoughts and preferences on the subject. 

I prefer, and will always if available, use a butane jet torch lighter for lighting my cigars.  The idea here is to apply a lot of heat to the foot of the cigar to quickly get the thing to smolder enough to give you both quantities of smoke right off, and to set your cigar to smoking, while avoiding cold spots, runners, valleys, volcanos, and all the other bad things that can happen to a cigar while you are puffing away.  The best source of heat, a lot of heat, is the butane torch lighter.

The traditions of wooden matches, cedar spills (or spliffs), and things like that are OK, but times change and new things are, most of the time, better, and that includes modern butane jet torch lighters. 

Don't even think about using a liquid fuel lighter (Zippo) on your cigar.  Unless, of course, you have nothing else.  Then....