Leave it on, but it’s okay if you take it off.  The main reason to keep it on is that it protects the delicate cigar wrapper from getting damaged by handling.  If you’re bringing a cigar in your pocket somewhere, it’s likely to get a tear or a hole or a scratch in the wrapper unless you leave the cellophane wrapper on.  The cellophane will keep the cigar safe while it’s on its trip with you.  When it’s time to smoke, then you can unwrap it.

WILL THE CELLO PREVENT MY CIGARS FROM GETTING PROPER HUMIDIFICATION IN MY HUMIDOR?  Nope.  Not at all!  Cigar Cellophane is porous when it comes to water molecules.  Humidity can get in and out of a cello, so you can leave your cigars wrapped in your humidor, and they’ll get all the proper humidification that they need.  You can prove this by leaving a cellophane-wrapped cigar out in a room for a week or two.  By the time you get to it, it will be a dried out wreck.  (Please don’t do this. That would break your heart)  Cellophane doesn’t keep the humidity in and won’t keep it out.  Case closed.

WILL THE CELLO KEEP THE CIGAR FLAVORS FROM MOVING FROM ONE CIGAR TO ANOTHER?  Uh…Yes…Maybe… While a cellophane wrapper will allow humidity in and out, it is sometimes said to be somewhat protective when it comes to flavors mingling.  Thus, keeping the cellophane wrapper on is protecting your cigar from damage and flavor migration from other cigars, while also allowing it to get humidity as needed.

CAN I TAKE THE CELLO OFF IF I WANT TO?  If you just love to play with your cigars and look at the naked wrapper as it lies in your humidor, it won’t wreck your cigar to take it off, you’ll just lose some protection.

Cellophane is really your best friend...  Keep it around until you’re ready to smoke...

To Cello or Not to Cello...