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10% Discount on all Cigar Purchases to Active Duty Military Service men/Law Enforcement/FireFighters/Rescue.  For Mail Order send a contact with your ID through the Contact Page of this site to get your discount coupon.

25 CIGARS   -   $140.00

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SMOOOOTH BUNDLE  of Mild to Medium Smokes.

Not everybody wants heavy action every time they fire up.

This is also a great bundle for NEWBIES (everybody was a newbie at some time).  Introduction to milder, easier to smoke cigars, from the best to the cheapest.



Not that there is anything to keep a woman smoker from satisfaction with any of this selection.

Its just, more like Spring, and getting outside and doing stuff like golf, or fishin' or mowin'.


The Humidor:  Boxes, Bundles, 5-ers, Singles, and Black Dog Cigars....

BLACK DOG  Cigars    

The Black Dog humidor is small, therefore it contains only a selection of the best cigars in the market.  The selection is more about different cigars than different sizes or vitola.  There are over 130 brands of cigars available.  Black Dog Cigar is proud to present its own line of quality cigars, manufactured for Black Dog in Costa Rica, utilizing Central American and Caribbean cigar tobaccos to create a very flavor rich smoking experience.  They come in 7 vitola, including a lancero.  Black Dog Cigars are joined by an up-scale line named Alta Kvalita, which rival the top cigars in the world cigar business.  Black Dog Cigars and Black Dog Alta Kvalita are highest quality cigars, yet are easy on the smoking budget.  Black Dog also offers bundles and 5-paks created around specific criteria that make them more interesting for comparison and enjoyment. 

‚ÄčRemember, mail order cigars are easy and available.  If we carry it, or have it in stock, they can ship the day of your order, if you want something we don't have, or generally carry, we can get it for you and have it on the way in just a few days.

This Page is Under Construction.  Sorry for the Inconvienence.  If you have questions, Call Ken at Black Dog, 337-366-5321...

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32 CIGARS   -   $185.00

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Bundles, 5-packs and special offers are available from the humidor and at the online store. 

There are Black Dog Cigars, a specialty of the house and only available at Black Dog .


Full Bundles:         28 to 32 cigars; 10 to 12 Different Bands; 2 or 3 of Each Band

Half Bundles:      12 to 18 Cigars; 6 to 10 Different Bands; 1 or 2 of Each Band

5 Packs or Gift Packs

Just right for yourself or sharing with your friends...

Special Orders

We will fill special orders of any nature.  Call, or email through the Contacts page, to discuss.